Working With Builders

Working closely with each individual home owner, helping them select items such as lighting, granite, wall colors, interior tiles, and Flooring. Also in helping clients with their finishing touches of hard coverings such as blinds, shutters etc. to finishing touches of custom draperies, custom bedding, and accessories.


Taking the client's vision for their new home and bringing it to life, whether it be from new cabinets or just refinishing new colors for cabinets, or selecting from granite quartz and other hard surfaces coordinating it with flooring whether it be tile, tile plank, wood flooring or carpeting. When clients are changing out faucets or appliances, allowing them to take special discounts that Classic Interior Designs would be receiving.

Draperies & Window Coverings

In regards to our window coverings, we always think out of the box and give you a new and creative style that would compliment the style of your home.

Room Design

Working with clients in customizing to optimises the best space for the furnishing they have or chose to purchase to give them the look they are after.

Space Design Commercial & Residential

We also take into account the space that is existing or try to look at it as a clean slate and design it to the owner's vision.

Model Homes

Always on the cutting edge for the new and upcoming colors and designs, we Work closely with the builders to create a vision that new homeowners would love to embrace as their new resident.