Tips to consider while selecting window coverings

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Tips to consider while selecting window coverings

With so many window coverings in the market, it can be difficult to decide on what to put in your house or office. Drapes, blinds, shutters, café curtains are some or the window coverings that you could choose, but there are some factors that you need to consider. For the best information, consider asking window coverings professionals or people with experience in interior decor.

Our team at Classic Interior Designs Inc. has been in the interior décor business for years and can guide you on how to match your taste within your budget.

Check out these tips to consider while selecting window coverings.

Purpose of the Room

One of the primary things you should consider is the use of the room. While a media room may require dark window coverings, a baby’s room may need an option of letting light during the day and shutting out when sleeping. In rooms than need privacy such as bedrooms, consider putting up sheer drapery and supplement with blinds or shades. Heavier curtains are also an option if sheers and blinds are not in tune with your style.

Match Window Coverings to the Interior Style and Décor

The window coverings can help influence the statement of a room. For the curtains to stand out, consider coordinating with the style and colour of the room. Even when the room is simple and minimalistic, the window coverings can make the room look beautiful. Choose a patterned curtain or blinds in bold colours to contrast the room’s plainness. For rooms with a lot of style and personality already, consider simpler window coverings to allow the wall colour or furniture pieces to stand out.

Window’s Function

The primary role of a window will determine the type of window treatment you choose. For instance, will you be using it for the natural light source? Buy light sheers window coverings or non-fussy roller shades to allow as much natural light as possible. In an office setting, you may need to open the window for proper air circulation, and plain sheers would be the best option. If you will be opening and closing the windows often, consider a type of window covering that is easy to operate like simple curtains or blinds.

Type of Window

The choice of curtains you make should match the type of window you are covering. Bay windows require different curtains designs as compared to bow windows. For instance, bay windows are set in rooms where there is the need for natural light and using long and opaque curtains will cover the window’s beauty. Use simple valance to enhance the window’s attractiveness. Use curtain fabrics that highlight the windows style and uniqueness.

Windows make a huge difference on the interior and exterior design of a home. If you have an old house changing the windows can make the house look new and let it stand out on your street.

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