Rustic Décor: The Interior Design Trend Of 2019!

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If you love a laid back ambiance and natural elements as décor, you’ll be happy to know that rustic interiors are in fashion. Rustic décor gives you a variety of options to feel closer to the earth while you’re indoors. The elements used in this form of decorating are simple but bold, unpolished but beautiful. And, the best part about this style is that it encompasses a variety of furbishing styles like Tuscan, coastal, cottage, lodge, or country farmhouse.

Crucial rustic décor elements

1. Wood and stone.

Wooden floors, doors, and tables are a big part of the rustic interior design. However, the wood detailing in a rustic setting doesn’t have to be perfect. Uneven edges, mismatched wood grain, and colors fit perfectly into this category. Stone floors, walls, and ceilings are superb choices too for the rustic cottage look.

2. Metal.

Metal fixtures and art are also components that tie in well with the rustic theme. You can incorporate these into your home in the form of metal doorknobs, kitchenware, knick-knacks, furniture, and light fixtures.

3. Mason jars.

Mason jars have a homely vibe about them that effortlessly combines with the rustic style. The glassware is versatile in its usage as it can be used as a mug, vase, container, or even a candle holder. They can also be painted or decorated with ribbon and tape to match the style of a room.

4. Flowers.

Flowers add to the natural look of rustic spaces and are a great way to introduce bright bursts of color into a room. You can use fake flowers or real ones. The choice is yours, either way, both are incredibly economical and lovely to have in your home.

5. Neutral colors.

To match the natural theme, neutral colors are your best option. That’s because you don’t want the bold rustic elements in your home to clash with the loud colors on your walls, furniture, and other decoratives.

By combining these earthy and simplistic elements, you can easily create a haven that reminds you of the great outdoors. Moreover, rustic components are durable and timeless, which is great if you’re looking for interiors that last.

Rustic décor can also be characterized as a marriage of comfort and naturalness, as it allows you to incorporate modern appliances into its old fashioned furnishing. This form of interior design provides financial flexibility too as you can refurbish old material to create simple fixtures and components. Your rustic style can even be customized to your demands for luxurious, comfortable, or rugged interiors. To visualize how rustic décor could fit into your home, book a consult with Classic Interior Designs Inc. today!

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